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Anywhere Workout 6.4

Week 6 - Workout 4

You'll want your Wheaties for this one... your leg Wheaties at least....

Equipment: Nothin'


Activation Warmup (


3 Rounds

1. World's Greatest Stretch x 5 per side

(i.e., stationary spider 'walk' with both a rotation towards and away from forward leg) 

2. Squat to Frog Stretch to Alternating Sit Through x 5 per side

3. Tall Plank with Starfish Rotation x 5 per side



12 Rounds - Make Every Rep Count!

1. 12 Full Squat Jumps for Height (modify this to 1/4 Squat Jumps for Height)

2. 12 Pushups (elevate hands to modify)

3. 12 Reverse Lunges - total

4. 12 Beast Crawl Steps (can mix these forward + back or just do all forward)

Cool Down

Walk and do some deep breathing to get that heart rate back down. Then give those legs some TLC with light stretching and rolling out. The 90-90 hip stretch (shin box stretch) would be great here (here's a good hip opening routine:

Make It A Great One!

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