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What People Say

In just a few months I have regained, if not surpassed my old maxes and improved in areas that I never saw progress in at my previous gym. The atmosphere and people are so amazing, and it really helps motivate me to keep coming to get better everyday. Ethon has been great at helping me to fine-tune or completely fix my form and it's easy to see that he cares about everyone getting better and staying injury-free. My previous gym always felt like we would come in everyday and just push through a WOD but never slowed down to make sure forms were good, so that we could prevent injury. At Alchemy, the classes definitely focus on getting better but don't have the feeling like you are just trying to finish a workout for finishing sake. When I was trying to go to the gym on my own, I always thought, "Should I work out today?" Now I think, "Time to work out!”​


—  Alex

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