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Anywhere Workout 6.3

Week 6 - Workout 3

Great cardio burner for y'all today! Interval work!!

Equipment: Two sheets, perhaps a bench set-up for hip thrusts (though you can do these from the ground if needed), and a timer Warmup Activation Warmup ( Then 4 Rounds Planks around the World :20s plank/:10s "rest" to turn 1. Elbow Plank 2. Side Plank - Left 3. Reverse Plank (whatever hand position works best - keep those hips high!) 4. Side Plank - Right


5 Rounds

:30s work/ :15s rest

1. Beast Kick Throughs

2. Vertical Waves

3. Burpees (can modify these to burpee sprawls - so no pushup)

4. Horizontal Waves

5. Single Leg Hip Press from Bench :15 Left/:15s Right (can modify this as single leg glute bridges from ground)

* No Rest Between Rounds

Cool Down

Restorative Yoga session from Joyce would be perfect ( as would taking a nice walk outside without your phone (or with it turned off)! It's amazing what happens to the body when you don't have your phone.... try it! 

Make It A Great One!

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