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Anywhere Workout 6.1

Week 6 - Workout 1

Great endurance work for everyone today! You get to work on your overall cardiovascular capacity while also getting in a great caloric burn. 

Equipment: Just a timer today


Activation Warmup (


4 Rounds of

Hollow Hold* x :30s

Rest x :10s

Skydiver** x :30s

Rest x :10s

*On back, bring your knees to your chest, touching your low back to the floor, and tuck your chin. Then extend your legs to a height where you can maintain your low back touching the ground. Extend your arms. The key is to keep the base of your pelvis pulled towards your chin using your core muscles to keep that low back on the ground. If your back comes off of the ground, raise your legs to a less challenging angle, even perhaps bending your knees. (Decent explainer here:



4 Rounds

Beast Position Raises 'Around the World'*: :15s Left Arm/:15s Right Arm/:15s Right Leg/:15s Left Leg

Iso Squat to Lunge** x 10 Total

* Beast position (on hands and feet with hands beneath shoulders and knees bent 90 degrees so femurs come straight down from hips to form tabletop position with your back), then raise each limb one by one while keeping your body in position (3 appendages on floor at all times)

** Come down into the bottom of a squat then lunge back with the right leg, come back to the bottom of the squat, lunge back with left leg and come back to bottom of the squat. That's 2 reps counted each leg alternating.


Work Interruptus

25 Minutes of Continuous Effort AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible)

10 Pushups (modify to arms-elevated pushups)

10 Forward/Back Lunge to Split Jump - Total (video below)

10 Atomic Situps (modify to crunches or hands-down atomics)

10 Mountain Climbers per side

*****BUT at the top of every minute 15 Jumping Jacks = the Interruptus Part*****

Cool Down

Deep breathing to get your body back to homeostasis - get that stress level back down. Stretch out those shoulders, back, neck, and glutes. If possible, go for a nice walk.

Make It A Great One!

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