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Anywhere Workout 6.2

Week 6 - Workout 2

What do you get when you combine isometrics with AMRAPs to (near) failure? A deep burn, my friends... and gainzzzzz.....

Equipment: Your Door/Sheet Set-Up and Optionally a Single KB/DB/Weighted Bag for Leg Work


Activation Warmup (


Lunge Matrix w/

Arms Down

Arms Up

Arms Out

Arms Out + Twist In

Arms Out + Twist Out

*See Video:



3 Rounds

Rear Foot Elevated on a Bench/Bed/Ottoman (or you could use a staggered stance - just be sure to have your weight distributed so that the forward leg is doing all the work):

1. 10 RDL with Controlled Descend and a Glute Squeeze for 2 Seconds @ Top

2. Immediately Split Squat to Near Failure (Keep 1-2 Reps in the Tank)

3. Immediately :10s Hold @ Bottom of Lunge

4. Rest for about :30s before Switching Leg (Keep about 1:00 Rest per Leg)


3 Rounds

1. :20s Hold in Plank while Squeezing Your Hands Towards Each Other (they won't move, just have that intention for the hold + squeeze)

2. Immediately Pushups to Near Failure (Keep 1-2 Reps in the Tank)

3. :10 Hold @ Bottom of Pushup

4. 1:00 Rest


Back Attack!! Yes - you CAN do this at home! Use your Sheet Set-Up to Complete:

3 Rounds

1. :30-:40s Hold @ Top of Row

2. Immediately 20 Sheet Rows

3. Immediately 20-30  Reverse Flies 

4. 1:00 Rest

Buy Out!

50 Crunches AFAFP (essentially as fast as you can - just with another F in there...)

Cool Down

Deep breathing to get your body back to homeostasis - get that stress level back down. Stretch out those shoulders, back, neck, and glutes. The Restorative Yoga session from Joyce would be perfect here too (!

Make It A Great One!

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