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Anywhere Workout 5.4

Week 5 - Workout 4

Today's workout provides some great glute activation and total body activation. A lovely salve to yesterday's onslaught! Equipment: Bench/Chair/Couch/Bed for Hip Thrusts, Slider Setup, and a Timer

Warmup Activation Warmup Then 3 Rounds of Beast Circles (2x Left then 2x Right) Rising Clamshells x 6 per side Then 3 Sets of Turkish Getups x 2-3 per Side Rest as Needed between Sets


Block 1

3 Rounds of

Glute Bridge Work:

Hold Left leg in Elevated Glute Bridge on Bench and Slowly Raise/Lower the Right Leg :06s Up and :06s Down, Alternating Legs for a Total of 4x per Leg

Immediately 20x Hip Presses

Rest 1:00

Block 2

3 Rounds of

Hollow Hold for :30s

then Supine Leg Lifts x 20

Rest 1:00

Block 3

3 Rounds of

Slider Pushups:

Have Sliders Under Your Hands and Come Down to Bottom of Pushup, Slide your Left Arm Forward :04s Out and :04s Back, Alternating Hands for a Total of 3x per Arm

Immediately 10-15 Close Grip Pushups

Rest 1:00

Cool Down

Deep breathing to get your body back to homeostasis - get that stress level back down. Stretch out those shoulders, back, neck, and glutes.

Make It A Great One!

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