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Anywhere Workout 4.5

Week 4 - Workout 5

Today is a CLASSIC!! Attack it and revel in its glory - bwahahahaha! 

Equipment: Row set-up (chairs with a broom stick, sheet "ring row," etc.), and your setup for KB Swings 


Activation Warmup

Then (Warmup Compilation Video Below)

Bird Dogs :30s Left/:30s Right x 6 continuous rounds

Supine Leg Life to Feet "Clap" :30s work/:30s rest x 4 rounds

Feet Elevated Crunch w/ Reach* :30s work/:30s rest x 4 rounds

* Make sure to reach your finger tips straight to the ceiling - not forward at an angle as you raise


Those Burpees Suck!

For Time:

10x Pull-ups (or Rows) 20x KB Swings 30x Box Jumps* * If you don't have a plyo box, then modify these to Squat Jumps. Make each one it's own thang (don't string these together) and explode out of the depth of the squat as high as you can. Don't cheat this! 40x Pushups

50x Sit-ups

60x Burpees

10x Pull-ups (or Rows)

Cool Down

Deep breathing and the Full Body "Warmup" ( Stretch out those shoulders, back, neck, and glutes.

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