Anywhere Workout 4.4

Week 4 - Workout 4

Today is about endurance with a bias towards your posterior delts and upper back. Strengthening those areas will leave you structurally stronger and more stable for any pushing motion and, importantly, tackling your day!

Equipment: Your dual knotted sheet "ring row" setup, a light set of weights or a single weighted bag (or a small child or pet - you know the drill - haha!) ...and a timer ;-)


Activation Warmup

Then (Movement Compilation Video Below)

Bird Dogs :30s Left/:30s Right x 6 continuous rounds

Supine Leg Life to Feet "Clap" :30s work/:30s rest x 4 rounds

Feet Elevated Crunch w/ Reach* :30s work/:30s rest x 4 rounds

* Make sure to reach your finger tips straight to the ceiling - not forward at an angle as you raise