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Anywhere Workout 4.3

Week 4 - Workout 3

It's a burner today! A power burner.

Full Workout Description Video @ Bottom of Post

Equipment: Sheets! And your KB/DB/Weighted Bag setup for swings...and a timer ;-)


Activation Warmup - get those muscles and joints revving!


3 Rounds

High Knees x 20 (total)

Squat to Twist x 20 (total)


3 Rounds

Plyo Pushups* x 5

Ali Shuffle x 10 per side

* Can modify plyo to knees or elevate on bed/couch/bench


4 Rounds of

:20s Work/:40s Rest

1.Alternating KB/Bag Swing

2. Jump-In Pushups

3. Double Foot Lateral Jumps

4. Sheet Alternating Waves

5. Tuck Jumps

6. Double Sheet Lateral Waves

Cool Down

Deep breathing and the Full Body "Warmup" ( Get some rolling out of those calves and shins too! Massaging the meat to the outside of your shins would be excellent.

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