Anywhere Workout 4.2

Week 4 - Workout 2

Strength work today - lots of tempos and iso holds... bwahahahaha!!

Full Workout Description Video @ Bottom of Post

Equipment: Weight for Leg and Ab work, bench or chair with a towel for cushion for leg work, pair of light weights for shoulder work (soup cans or pasta sauce jars would be just fine here - you don't need much!), and 2 sheets... but not why you think ;-) 


Activation Warmup - get those muscles and joints revving!


4 Rounds

Weighted Split Squat to Weighted RDL (4410)* x 4-5 reps L then R

Immediately Glute Bridge to Failure

:60-:90s Rest between Rounds

* 4 seconds down, 4 seconds hold, 1 second up, then onto the next rep

* See video below for how to do this motion but you'll do 1 split squat followed by one RDL for 4-5 reps before switching legs. Once both legs are done, glute bridge on floor to failure. Then Rest. Then Repeat