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Anywhere Workout 4.1

Week 4 - Workout 1

Endurance work today! Just stay steady, consistent, keep that form LOCKED IN, and have fun! :-) 

Full Workout Description Video @ Bottom of Post

Equipment: A weighted bag, KB(s) or DB(s) for RDLs or KB swings


Activation Warmup - get those muscles and joints revving!


3 Rounds

Lying Opposites x 40 total

Hollow Hold x :30s

Single Leg Hip Press x 10 each leg


Down and Up that Mountain!

10-1-10 Reps of:




Atomic Situps (modify to hands down atomics, or sit-ups, or legs elevated crunches as needed)

Bag RDLs or KB/DB Swings

Alternating Reverse or Forward Lunges per Leg

***** Then 30 Jumping Jacks Before Moving to Next Rung of this Ladder*****

So round 1 would be 10 Squats, 10 Pushups, 10 Atomics, 10 RDLs, 10 Lunges each leg (20 total here), 30 Jumping Jacks... Round 2 = 9 of everything + 30 Jumping Jacks... Round 3 = 8 of everything + 30 Jumping Jacks...7's...6's...5's...4's...3's...2's...1's...2's... 3's... and so on. 

* Note: If the 30 Jumping Jacks is getting to be too much on your feet and ankles, modify back to 20 reps.

Cool Down

Deep breathing and the Full Body "Warmup" (

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