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Anywhere Workout 3.5

Week 3 - Workout 5

All-around scorcher today! Get after it!

Equipment: A kitchen chair, step stool, bench, or your stairs for step ups, a sheet or beach towel, and 2 equally-weighted KBs/DBs/Jugs for gladiator presses (there's an alternate version of this exercise below if you don't have access to this)


Activation Warmup - get those muscles and joints revving!


3 Rounds

40 Jumping Jacks

20 Reverse Lunges (in total)

5 Burpees


30 Minute EMOM*

* Set a clock for 30 minutes and then at the top of every minute do the next motion in this series and rest the remainder of that minute. Once you've made it through all 5 motions, start back a the top and keep rolling through for the total 30 minutes.

Min 1...6...etc.: Step Ups x20 (total - either 10 left and 10 right or all alternating)

* Remember to drive through the heal and only press up with the leg on the chair/step - don't launch up with the back leg.

Min 2...7... etc.: Gladiator Press x20 OR Apex Pushups x10 (see video below cool down)

Min 3...8...etc.: Skater Jumps x 20 total

Min 4...9...etc.: Burpee Sprawls x 12 (i.e., no pushup burpee)

Min 5...10...etc.: Sheet Slams x :30 seconds

Cool Down

Deep breathing and the Full Body "Warmup" (

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