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Anywhere Workout 3.1

Updated: May 22, 2020

Week 3 - Workout 1

Want to know how to make lifting a heavy weight look easy? Make no or minimal weight look HARD. 3.1 is a structural workout that will better your squat and bench press - as long as you honor the tempos and your form/activation above all else!  No equipment needed today - unless you want to add a KB or DB to the single leg squats. Warmup Activation Warmup (video below): Then

3 Rounds: 10 Pushup to Frog Stretch to Rotational Plank 20 Hip Presses to Sit-ups (or Crunches) Videos:

Work (Video of Full Workout Below)

3x Beast to Tripod Press x10 total

3x Tempo 1.5 Air Squats x12

* 3 seconds down, 1 second hold, Up 1/2 way, 1 second hold, Down to bottom, 1 second hold, 3 seconds back to top. No rest between reps

3x Single Leg Box (or Chair or Bench) Squats x10 per leg


Pushup Challenge (modify pushup so you can hopefully make all 10 rounds - so elevate your arms on a bench, for example)

AMRAP 10 (As Many Rounds as Possible to a Total of 10 Minutes)

5 Pushups - no rest/breaking this up!

:10s rest


Ab Finisher!

3 Rounds

10-15 Repetitions Each of:

Feet Elevated Crunch

Supine Leg Lift

Toes to the Moon

Russian Twist

Cool Down

Deep breathing the Full Body Warmup we've been doing would be perfect here.

Make It a Great One!

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