Anywhere Workout 3.1

Updated: May 22, 2020

Week 3 - Workout 1

Want to know how to make lifting a heavy weight look easy? Make no or minimal weight look HARD. 3.1 is a structural workout that will better your squat and bench press - as long as you honor the tempos and your form/activation above all else!  No equipment needed today - unless you want to add a KB or DB to the single leg squats. Warmup Activation Warmup (video below): Then

3 Rounds: 10 Pushup to Frog Stretch to Rotational Plank 20 Hip Presses to Sit-ups (or Crunches) Videos:

Work (Video of Full Workout Below)

3x Beast to Tripod Press x10 total

3x Tempo 1.5 Air Squats x12

* 3 seconds down, 1 second hold, Up 1/2 way, 1 second hold, Down to bottom, 1 second hold, 3 seconds back to top. No rest between reps