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Anywhere Workout 2.4

Week 2 - Workout 4

Power endurance work today with some awesome new movement patterns for y'all! Loads of videos below.

Equipment: chair or bench to use for step-ups and plank pull setup with chairs (if you can have 2 separate stations for each set up instead of utilizing the same chair for both the step-ups and the plank pulls)


Active Warmup - Ignite Your Furnace!



5 Rounds Total of (All Videos Below):

:60s Squat to Frog Stretch to Alternating Sit Throughs (Video Below)

* If you find the sit through too difficult, you can modify by just jumping in and back from the frog stretch or skip that part all together.

* Make sure to explore your fullest range of movement - actively radiating through every body part in each position.

:30s Rest

:40s Jump-In Pushups

* Modify the pushups to knee pushups as needed.

:30s Rest

:60s Forward/Reverse Lunge to Split Jump

:30s Rest

:40s V Plank Pulls

* Modify this to just plank pulls as needed.

:30s Rest

:60s Curtsey Step-Up to Ice Skater Jumps

* Alternate each side each time through the rounds (so Round 1 on the Left, Round 2 on the Right.... ending on Round 5 on the Left). One side will get more work and that's ok - just start on the weaker side for you.

:30s Rest


Cool Down

Deep breathing the Full Body Warmup we've been doing would be perfect here.

Make It a Great One!

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