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Anywhere Workout 2.3

Week 2 - Workout 3

Solid structural work today! Attacking those hips, shoulders, and back... There are lots of example videos in this one, so please be sure to check those out to see proper form.

Equipment: Padded bench, chair, ottoman, bed, or couch and a kitchen towel or bath towel


Full Body Mobility Warmup


3 Rounds:

10 Pushup Sliding through to Frog Stretch and Back

6 Vertical Squat to Rotational Reaches to Each Side to Beast and Back

See Videos for How to Do These:


3 Rounds

Floor Hip Press x 20

3 Rounds

Feet Elevated Supine Psoas Plank March x 20-30 reps total (Video Below)

3 Rounds

Foot Elevated Lateral Leg Lift x 10-15 reps per leg (Video Below)

* Be sure to keep your body in one long line here (so don't break at the hips) so that you feel this in your side body and not your hip flexors.

3 Rounds

Bench Single Leg Hip Press x 10-15 reps per leg (Video Below)

3 Rounds

Rising Clam Shells x 10-15 reps per leg (Video Below)

* Can modify this to Clam Shells with an elastic exercise band around the knee strap just above the joint

3 Rounds

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats x 10-15 reps per leg (Video Below)

* Can add a DB/KB/BB to make these weighted, but remember that your legs are already pre-fatigued when selecting a weight.

3 Rounds

Towel Tensioned Supine OH Press x 10 (Video Below)

* People - this one is a killer...

* Make sure your really keeping tension on that kitchen or bath towel as you reach as far as you can overhead before drawing the towel down to touch your chest with your elbows squeezing "together" towards your spine. 

Cool Down

Deep breathing as typical and then rolling out/stretching the neck, hips, glutes, and quads.

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