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Anywhere Workout 2.2

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Week 2 - Workout 2

Endurance today while also getting in some solid ab work! Get ready for those muscles to burn....bwahahahahaha!

Equipment: Either nothing or a pair of KB/DBs or a weighted barbell for floor presses


Full Body Mobility Warmup


3 Rounds:

10 Pushup to Frog Stretch to Rotational Plank

20 Hip Presses to Sit-ups (or Crunches)

See Videos for How to Do This:


2 Blocks of:

4 Rounds

:20s Pushups or DB/KB/BB Floor Presses to add weight

:10s Plank Hold @ Top of Pushup or DB/KB/BB Hold w/ Arms Extended

1:00 Rest between Blocks

2 Blocks of:

4 Rounds

:20s Supine Leg Raises

:10s Leg Raise Hold w/ Legs as low to the ground as you can get while still keeping that low back on the floor

1:00 Rest between Blocks

2 Blocks of:

4 Rounds

:20s Skaters (Video Below Cool Down)

:10s Squat Hold @ Bottom of Squat - squeeze those glutes!

1:00 Rest between Blocks

2 Blocks of:

4 Rounds

:20s Atomic Situps (can modify to putting the hands down at your sides - ALWAYS pull from the lower abdomen. If you feel this in your hip flexors/top of the quads, you're pulling from your legs and not your belly)

:10s V-Sit Hold (can either have shins parallel to the ground or legs extended)

1:00 Rest between Blocks

Cool Down

Deep breathing :-) Followed by some good rotations for the spine/abs:

Lay down on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor and arms extended out perpendicular to your body. Cross one leg over the other and lower your legs down to the ground so that the hip of your top leg is directed to the ceiling. Turn your head the opposite direction as your head. Hold for :30s or so before switching. 

Now would also be an excellent time to roll our your glues making sure you get the upper portion beneath where your hipbone crests.

Make It a Great One!

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