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Anywhere Workout 2.1

Week 2 - Workout 1

Today is a solid power workout for y'all today! Work on that explosiveness! With these power workouts, you'll want to make sure that the work period (here :20sec), leaves youbreathless. Because we don't have access to lots of resistance at the moment (black mamba battle rope, anyone?), you'll need to utilize a movement variation detailed below that lets you get in quality movement (ALWAYS no slop) but lots of repetitions. Get after it!

Equipment: 2 Sheets (beach towels also work - just make sure they don't snap you back since they're shorter and have edging to them)


Full Body Mobility Warmup


4 Rounds:

5 Burpees (or Burpee Sprawls (no pushup))

10 Squats

5 Lateral Beast Crawls per side - video:


All Rounds are :20 seconds of work with :40 seconds of rest for POWER

5 Rounds of:

:20s Split Squat Jumps*/:40s Rest

* Remember to sit back and down through the hip joint with these to get your rear and hammies involved. You'll know if you're not utilizing the back of your thighs/glutes if you feel this mostly in your quads/knee strap. 

* If split squat jumps are not good for your knees, you can modify this to regular squat jumps (finger tips touching the floor between your legs) or 1/4 squat jumps (just coming down a quarter of the way before using your glutes to explode back up with a very small hop before beginning the next rep).

Rest long enough to get your heart rate come down a bit so it's no longer pounding in your chest - you'll want to feel like you're ready to attack each of these blocks!

3 Rounds on the Left then 3 Rounds on the Right of (yes, we know, this is 6 rounds not 5 ;-)  :

:20s Single Arm Sheet Laterals Slams**/:40s Rest

** Standing in an athletic position (slightly bent forward at the hip joint with active (not locked) knees, Take a sheet in your hand and vigorously shake it side to side. 

Rest long enough to feel freshenough to go again!

5 Rounds of:

:20s Mountain Climbers*** (video demo at end of workout)/:40s Rest

* Can modify by raising the body onto a bench or the side of your bed/couch.


5 Rounds of:

:20s Dual Sheet Circles***/:40s Rest

*** Hold the towels at the end - one in each hand - and circle the arms both to the outside simultaneously. Your right arm will go clockwise and your left arm will go counter clockwise. You'll look like a BOSS when you get those things swirling. IG worthy...

Cool Down

Practice some deep breathing to bring your heart rate back to normal. Stretch and roll out your shoulders, neck, glutes, and especially quads. Remember when rolling out your quads with a foam roller or ball to go SLOWLY. No quick back and forth/up-down. You have to stay on the tight and sore spots to give your central nervous system enough time to let that tension go (20-30 seconds). Yes it hurts, but soon it won't. 

Now istheperfect time to get into a good stretching/rolling out routine. Not only are we seeing people getting tighter the more we're sitting around the house (which is absolutely to be expected - nobody's fault for sitting on the couch!) but many of us have pre-existing tightness in our backs, quads, etc. Use this time to work on those knots while you're watching Tiger King. 

Make It a Great One!

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