Anywhere Workout 1.5

Week 1 - Workout 5

Solid structural work for everyone today!! It's gonna burn so good....


Full Body Mobility Warmup and then

4 Rounds:

10 Beast Sit Throughs (each side)

:30-:45s rest


Pt. 1 = Quarter Squat* to Squat - Can be (a) unweighted, (b) back squats, or (c) KB goblet squats

5 Rounds:

:10s Quarter Squat Hold

:10s Full Squat Hold

* In those squats make sure to drive the knees out, feeling a solid connection to the ground through your heels, and be sure to feel those gluten work! You can even put your hands on your gluten to make sure they're contracting throughout these holds.


Rest 1:00