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Anywhere Workout 1.3

Week 1 - Workout 3

Today is all about POWER! High reps, short time periods, big movements! 

For this workout, you'll need equipment for KB swings (like a reusable shopping bag or backpack with a bag or two of rice in it for weight) and two flat sheets. 

Video description of the workout is also found below (taken from our IG Live).


Full Body Mobility Warmup and then:

:30s Small Arm Circles - Forward

:30s Small arm Circles - Backward

:30s Big Arm Circles - Forward

:30s Big Arm Circles - Backward

(That's 2:00 of continuous arm circles. Make sure you keep your shoulder blades drawn down the back - don't start wearing your shoulders as earmuffs! Maintain a proud, heart-high chest throughout.)


5 Rounds:

:20s Squat Jumps

:40s Rest


5 Rounds:

:20s KB/Bag Swings

:40s Rest

(Note: If you are comfortable with swings, you can make them faster by pulling the weight back down from the top of the swing.)


5 Rounds:

:20s Simultaneous Sheet Snaps (just like you were doing medium slams with the battle ropes)

:40s Rest


5 Rounds:

:20s Alternate Sheet Waves (as you would with the battle ropes - only you can go much faster with these ;-)

:40s Rest

Cool Down

Practice some deep breathing to bring your heart rate back to normal. Stretch and roll out your shoulders, lats, and hips.

A great neck stretch here would also be to let one arm at your side while you take the opposite arm and GENTLY lead your head down to that opposite shoulder (e.g., right arm on the left side of your head above the ear and gently taking your head to your right shoulder) before gently leading the head down at an angle to the front (not straight down but with the side of your chin angling down towards your collar bone). Do both sides. If you actively move the free arm down to the floor you can intensify the stretch.

Make It a Great One!

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