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Anywhere Workout 1.2

Week 1 - Workout 2

We're working with tempos today for some solid structural work. This is the perfect time to focus on nailing your form down while also getting in lots of time under tension to roast those muscle fibers. 

Please, please, please reach out to us if you are concerned about your form. We will HAPPILY do a video conference with you! No, seriously, do it!


Full Body Mobility Warmup


The tempo for each of these is 4040... meaning 4 seconds are spent onboththe up and down portion of the movement with no rest between stages (e.g., at the bottom and top of the squat before doing the next repetition).

- 3 sets of 5 Pushups (4040) with :30sec rest between sets

:30s rest

- 3 sets of 5 Squats (4040) with :30s rest between sets

    - Note: you can make these weighted if you'd like - but DON'T go so heavy that your form breaks down or you hasten the tempo. Form and tempo are key here!

:30s rest

- 3 sets of 5 Rows (4040) with :30s rest between sets

    - Note: use the broomstick/chair setup as described in our alternative equipment video (see blog post or IGTV video on alt equipment ideas for more details) OR you could also do these as bent-over rows with DBs, KBs, or equally-matched household items like 2 new rice sacks or laundry detergent containers


2 Rounds of:

:30s work/:30s rest




Atomic Sit-ups (sub crunches or hands down atomics as needed)

Cool Down

Practice some deep breathing to bring your heart rate back to normal. Stretch and roll out your shoulders, lats, hips, and quads.

Make It a Great One!

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