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Anywhere Workout 1.1

Week 1 - Workout 1

Welcome to the first workout of the first week of our at home program!  Warmup Full Body Mobility Warmup

Work 4 Rounds of:

  • 20x Pushups (can modify by elevating body on bench/couch/chair or by using knees - but it is preferable to find something to elevate your arms to keep your legs long)

  • 20x Squats (can add weight with KB or holding sack of rice/flour or wearing weight vest/backpack worn at the front with something heavy in it like a sack of rice/flour)

  • 20x Sit-ups (Remember to fully curl-up by tucking the tailbone first and squeezing the abs to come up - watch out if your abs 'peak' in the middle. If that happens restart and first squeeze in your abs from your sides before initiating the sit-up. You may also want to modify this to simply crunches (which will arguably get you even more ab activation if your abs are peaking in a full sit-up)

  • 20x Jumping Jacks OR KB Swings (can use  sack of flour/rice in a grocery sack to simulate a KB)

Minimal Rest!! Cool Down Practice some deep breathing to bring your heart rate back to normal. Even better, take 3-5 minutes of just sitting and deep breathing (5-10 seconds in and out). De-stressing will be KEY these days. You may also want to redo the mobility warmup now that your joints/body are feeling awesome.  Make It a Great One!

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