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Total Body Renewal

Life is about feeling great and knowing you can take on any challenge thrown your way:


  • Helping friends move

  •  Sprinting through the airport

  • Playing with your kids, nieces and nephews without letting up 

  • Giving birth

  • You name it!

How we train in the gym directly transfers to this life.

Come Discover Your Best!


The Alchemy Body Challenge is whole body training for a whole body transformation.

We're bringing our decades of training expertise to give you the ultimate wellness transformation:​

  • increase strength (never fear moving again or bringing all the groceries in all at once)

  • increase cardiovascular capacity (enroll in your next race without fear)

  • build lean muscle

  • develop strong, fluid movement with enhanced posture

  • form a positive relationship with food and nutrition

  • tackle aches and pains

  • achieve a bulletproof base of strength and power

  • discover transformative recovery practices for your work in the gym and life 

 To be mentally and physically strong and supple is invaluable. You've got this!


Anybody looking to boost their training and fitness through making a whole body transformation. Perfect for both those in a training rut and those new to fitness.


Classes run for 6 weeks and include pre- and post-challenge body assessments.


By following the individualized program, you will be stronger, more agile, leaner, and ready to tackle anything.

The program includes....

Body Assessments

ABC begins with 2 important assessments: body composition (bf%) and movement screenings.


We take pre-and post- body compositions so we can design a custom nutrition protocol for you to follow. The full body movement screen allows us to find any movement restrictions you may have so we can build a customized set of exercises specifically designed to optimize your range of motion and to make your joints bulletproof. We will then re-screen you at the end of the Challenge so you can see just how far you've come!

ABC Classes

Want to feel strong and powerful? Begin fixing the havoc wreaked by modern day life by sitting all day? Jump start your fitness goals by learning not just how to lift weights and efficiently do a cardio workout but how precisely each movement should feel? All with a coach directly by your side?


Knowing this makes what you can do limitless.

ABC classes use all sorts of unconventional training equipment like kettlebells, battle ropes, steel clubs and maces, in addition to dumbbells, barbells, bands, various cardio equipment, and your own body weight to create workouts that are fun, yet challenging - all while getting you progressively to greater and greater levels of fitness. There are no limits!


Tired of restrictive eating plans and yo-yo dieting? Want a sustainable, sensible way to eat that leaves you full and gives you lasting positive change? With accountability?


To compliment your training in the gym, you will also be given a customized nutrition protocol for your long-term wellness goals. Your nutrition will be dialed in just like your training. Extra sessions dedicated to learning the lifelong skills of what to eat, how to count macros (but not forever), restaurant strategies, and meal prep. 

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Transformation Challenge
Transformation Challenge
Transformation Challenge

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