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Anywhere Workout 5.2

Week 5 - Workout 2

Little bit of a burner for y'all today! Hope you love it! Full Workout Walkthrough @ Bottom of Message Equipment: 2 Towels/Sheets and Possibly a Pair of DBs (but you can do this without them too!), and a Timer Warmup Full Body Warmup Then 3 Rounds World's Greatest Stretch x3 per Side Monster Squats x 10 Cross Knee Raises x :20s Cross-Back Heel Touches x :20s


4 Rounds

:40s work/:20s rest

1. Headcutters

2. Russian Twists

3. Hero Makers

4. Sky Divers

5. Squatted Sheet Waves

6. Crunches

Cool Down

Deep breathing to get your body back to homeostasis - get that stress level back down. Stretch out those shoulders, back, neck, and glutes.

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