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Does the thought of a workout involving rowing or skiing fill you with dread? Or make you skip the workout altogether?

Jane Erbacher is on a mission to prove to you that rowing & skiing are FUN, and that you should look forward to using the ergs, not dread them!

But far more than just a technique workshop, Project Row & Project Ski are about TRANSFERABILITY. It’s about bringing excitement and the pride of self-improvement from the gym and into the rest of your life.

You’ll leave the workshops excited about your training, and proud of your capacity to learn and improve, and able to take that feeling to the rest of your life.

We’re bringing Jane's international workshops ProjectRow & ProjectSki BACK to Alchemy Strength & Conditioning on April 21, and we’d love to see you there to prove to you that rowing and skin are fun exercises that will make you move, look, and feel better than you have before.

Be better: every single day.

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